Boy, was madhousewife in a snit this morning.  Someone needs to take her Zoloft.  Well, I’m in a better mood at the moment because I’ve finally secured childcare for 3 of the 4 hours I will need it this week.  If I can get a sitter for the boys during Princess Zurg’s IEP meeting on Friday, I will really be in business.  I tell you, it’s hard work being a leech.  It’s not for wimps.  So far Friday does not look good.  I think I will probably just end up taking Bubby and Elvis with me.   HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  No, really, it will be fine.Incidentally, while I was on the phone trying to exploit friendships that barely exist, I did extend three invitations for kiddos to come over to our house, two of which were shrugged off, and one of which was left on an answering machine and has yet to be officially shrugged off.  (Caller ID may be a beautiful invention, but it hasn’t worked out that well for me.  Just kidding!  Did I mention that I’m not paranoid?)