Well, last night Sugar Daddy and I officially became the last people on earth to see Spiderman 2.  Just let me slip into teenage girl mode for a moment here so I can say that that movie was SO AWESOME!!!!  I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!  (I think four exclamation marks is the zenith of sincerity, even as a teenage girl.  More than that, and you have to deal with the law of diminishing returns.)  Anyway, I was actually thinking last night as I was watching the movie that it’s a good thing I’m not a teenage girl anymore because if I were, I’d be way too upset about not being engaged to Toby Maguire because he is sooooooooo cute.

I’ve always liked Spiderman.  I used to be addicted to the comic strip as a kid.  If I had known there were a whole bunch of comic books out there that were way better than the comic strip, I probably would have read all of those, too.  Actually, SD used to collect Spiderman comic books.  He’s a bit of a Spiderman geek, that SD.  I think he loved the movie as much as I did, only Toby Maguire probably didn’t turn him on so much.  (He tries to be all cool about Kirsten Dunst, but I know the truth.  He’s had a thing for her since Drop Dead Gorgeous.  A wife can just tell.)

Since Mister Bubby has been a tad obsessed with Spiderman for the last few months, SD was hoping he could see the movie and rationalize that it was just cartoonish violence and it would be okay to take MB to see it, since MB would really, really, really like to see Spiderman on the big screen.  But we agreed that it was definitely too scary.  (But scary in a TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! sort of way.)  For some reason, SD felt the need to tell Mister Bubby when we got home that we had seen Spiderman 2.  MB was very interested, but also very jealous–dare I say hurt?  Yes, possibly.  But he’ll get over it.  He can still watch the animated Spiderman.  Which isn’t nearly as AWESOME!!!! because it doesn’t have that SO CUTE Toby Maguire in it, but that’s okay.  Mister Bubby doesn’t know the difference.

This really is a teenage girl blog because I don’t have anything else to write about except I Heart Spiderman/Toby Maguire.  Hmmmmm…  I am reminded, however, of a conversation I overheard in the park the other day between a boy and his grandma.

BOY:  You know what I want to be when I grow up?

GRANDMA:  No, what?

BOY:  Batman.

GRANDMA:  Really?  Not Spiderman?

BOY (quizzically):  Do you really think Spiderman is real?

GRANDMA:  Oh, I don’t know.  What do you think?  Do you think Batman is real?

BOY:  Yes.

GRANDMA:  What about Superman?

BOY (in his “duh, Gramma” voice):  No.

GRANDMA:  He’s not real?

BOY:  No.  Because how could a human being fly?

A grown man wearing tights and a cape and riding around town in a slick-looking car, on the other hand–that’s more true to life.  The boy went on to say that Spiderman might also be real if Peter Parker made the web-shooting mechanisms in his wrists himself.  That is to say, it is possible.  But the jury is still out on that one.