Yesterday Princess Zurg went on a little trip.  Sugar Daddy was painting her room, Elvis was taking a nap, Mister Bubby was on the back porch eating an Otter Pop, I was downstairs doing laundry, and we thought PZ was up in the master bedroom playing on the computer–meaning that was where she was when last we checked on her, and it was hard to imagine she would leave of her own free will and choice (ordinarily we have to pry her away from the screen with a crowbar).  However, I went upstairs to put towels away or something and realized PZ was no longer on the computer.  She wasn’t in any of the other rooms upstairs, and I already knew she wasn’t downstairs because I had just come from there, so that could only mean she was not here.  (My powers of deductive reasoning are astonishing at times.)

I do a very good job of remaining calm during these situations, so I calmly put on my shoes and tried to think of when she might have left and where she would have gone, while SD ran out the front door in his bare feet to comb the neighborhood.  By the time I got outside with my car keys and the cell phone, he had given up, and I took over.  Well, I drove about ten yards and I saw a sheriff’s car and a gathering of responsible adults, and sure enough, there on the sidewalk was the little dear.  Apparently she had really been places, but was on her way back home when responsible adults spotted her and became understandably concerned and attempted to help her, God bless them.  Unfortunately this just freaked her out and she ran away, and they ran after her, and long story short, she was ten yards away from our house and quite distraught.  Until I got there, and then she was fine.  The other adults and the sheriff seemed not too sure about me, but they let me take her home anyway.

Long story short, has she learned her lesson about running away?  No, for the thousandth time, no.  She still doesn’t get why everyone was in such an uproar over a six-year-old going on a walkabout.  The adult world is such an uptight place.However, with school coming upon us and PZ being a flight risk now more than ever, I am looking for an attractive children’s ID bracelet–I mean a serious, functional one with her parents’ names and phone number on it–in the event that she ever does realize her dream of escaping us altogether.  So far I’m having a hard time finding one.  The folks who make dog tags have an inexpensive, functional one, but there’s no way she’d wear it, as it is, well, a dogtag for your wrist.  Anyway, I’m looking for something pretty but with room for a reasonable amount of engraving.  Preferably something I can weld to her body.  Any suggestions?