I’m so sick of the sound of Sugar Daddy’s pager going off that I could scream.  Is it just bitter irony that he set it up to play the theme from Love Story?

I am sleep-deprived for a number of reasons, the greatest of which is because we bought the third season of Alias on DVD and have been staying up until midnight every night watching the darn thing.  We actually bought it as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law, but she told us to go ahead and watch it before we sent it because that way we don’t have to get up at six in the morning and stand in line at the Blockbuster to rent the correct volumes in the correct order.  No, we don’t watch first-run Alias on TV because a) we don’t watch TV on Sunday evenings, b) we don’t get around to watching TV before 10 p.m. anyway, and c) we can’t handle all those cliff-hangers!  If I could watch all my TV shows 22 at a time on DVD, I’d really be in business.  Or someone would be.  I guess I’d just be putting that person in business.

For some reason, the show SD really wants to have on DVD is Mork & Mindy.  I think that’s kind of weird.  That’s all.  That and I wanted to ask if anyone else remembers that Mork & Mindy was a spin-off of Happy Days.  Now that was weird.

On Wednesday I got a phone call from the principal at Princess Zurg’s school.  Apparently she’d had several meltdowns that morning and had given the responsible adults chase all over the school and had finally wound up in said principal’s office in tears and asking to go home, and would that be a possibility, Mrs. Madhousewife?  Why, yes, it would.  I got this phone call at 9 a.m., incidentally.  In case you’re curious.

She did not go to school on Thursday.  I was planning to keep her home until I could scrape together a “team meeting” so all of the responsible adults in her life could be on the same page when it comes to addressing her behavior issues.  Behavior issues.  When did I start talking in such insufferable psychobabble talk?  Probably around the same time I started referring to my other children as “neurotypical.”  God help me.  Anyway, I can’t get a team meeting until next Thursday.  We sent her to school today, and long story short (or is it too late for that?), we have figured out a game plan which we will hopefully codify at the meeting next week.  Hopefully there will be no more, ahem, incidents between now and then.

My stepmother is ready to return to California.  She hasn’t told me as much, of course.  I think she is actually daring me to ask her to stay longer.  She’s a hard woman to read sometimes.  She claims to prefer direct communication, but like many people who claim to prefer direct communication, she really prefers the sort of direct communication she wants to hear.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what that is, so I’m going to punt and tell her to go home.  Hopefully I will not regret it.

I had my visit with the therapist yesterday, but alas, we did not get around to the sand tray.  Whatever that is.  I still don’t know.  Instead we spent most of the session going over diagrams and charts that explained why I wasn’t personally to blame for all of the world’s problems.  I’m not sure I bought into it, but it was a fun sort of possibility to consider anyway.  (By the way, Dreamless Slumber, she says she wants to do EMDR with me, too, eventually.  Should I be worried?)

Tomorrow is SD’s Big Day.  The annual ward chili-cookoff is upon us.  He hasn’t started making it yet, but he has bought all the ingredients, including so much cumin that every time I open my spice cabinet, I think I’m going to get sick.  And I love cumin.  Though I wasn’t too crazy about it this morning while I was trying to make French toast.

There’s something I’m forgetting, and I just can’t remember what it is.