I took Princess Zurg and Mister Bubby to see The Incredibles this morning.  We have been looking forward to seeing it for almost a year, ever since we saw the preview on the Finding Nemo DVD.  It’s a fantastic movie, but a little on the long side for PZ, who also thought it was a little too scary.  MB didn’t seem to mind its length and didn’t seem too freaked out by the scary parts either.  Anyway, I give it two thumbs up, because that’s how many thumbs I have.  If I had more, they’d be pointing up, too.

It was a good antidote to the movie Sugar Daddy and I rented last night, which was Van Helsing.  We really should have known better, but SD’s mother said it was good.  Which really should have tipped us off because she once recommended Matthew Broderick’s Godzilla to us, too.  It took a long time for us to forgive her for that one.  Anyway, it was such a bad movie that we didn’t even finish it (Van Helsing–oh, how I wish we’d never watched all of Godzilla).  We just fell asleep on the couch about halfway through.  Or was it one-third way through?  It seemed like a lifetime.

As SD puts it, my mother-in-law could probably watch Hugh Jackman pick his nose for two hours and call it entertainment.  I like Hugh Jackman, too, but not to that extent.  Although if Pixar made an animated version of Hugh Jackman picking his nose, I would probably go see it.

Thank you to any and all of you gentle readers who nominated me for Tiff’s contest.  I just want to say that my lawyers are poised to demand a recount in the event that I don’t win.  Just kidding!  SD asked me the other day if the reason I blogged was because I’m into shameless self-promotion.  I said if that were the case, wouldn’t I use my real name?  He said, “I guess so.”  (Shows what he knows.)  The other thing he always asks me is if I ever post naked pictures of myself.  My answer, of course, is always no.