Madhousewife and Sugar Daddy Discuss the Relative Merits of NSync’s “Pop”

Madhousewife:  This song sucks.

Sugar Daddy:  Why would you say such a thing?  You’re only trying to hurt me.


So Friday evening during bedtime rituals, Elvis suddenly and inexplicably started throwing up.  That was weird.  One moment he was fine, happily turning off the light with Cow, and as soon as it was dark, he was tossing his cookies right and left.  I mean that literally.  Well, not completely.  To my knowledge he had not eaten any cookies that day.  (Spaghetti, on the other hand…::shudder::)  But do any of you parental types have children who will voluntarily–or involuntarily–throw up in a receptacle appropriate for that activity?  Like, say, a toilet, or a large bowl or pot, or heck, even a sink?  I consider myself lucky if my children throw up on the tile.  And that happens so rarely that when it actually does, I actually think, “Yes!  The vomit is on the tile!”  Whenever any of my kids has to throw up, they invariably start running around the house, splattering vomit on every carpeted or upholstered surface they can find.  It would be impressive if it weren’t so annoying.  So naturally when Elvis started vomiting on his bedroom carpet, he not only ran around the room but also started shaking his head back and forth and wildly flailing his arms, slapping random chunks of bile away from his face and all over everything.  If mess-making were an Olympic sport, someone would be testing this kid for steroids.  He is that good.


Does anyone else think that Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith looks freaking awesome?  I have to admit that I’ve grown fonder of Hayden Christensen since I saw him in Shattered Glass, which was so good.  I’m sure his performance in Episode II is still as crappy as it seemed the first time I saw it, but I’ve found with repeated viewing that I am able to overlook it.  Except for that scene in front of the fireplace or whatever with Natalie Portman.  That still makes me want to puke (neatly, far away from the carpet).  Mister Bubby has watched the trailer for Episode III about a hundred times, but SD told him he can’t see it until he’s a full-time toilet-user.  (That pooping on the potty for Spiderman tattoos did not last, unfortunately.)  The suspense is killing me.