So they’re recommending, once again, that
Oregon tear down its state mental hospital and build a new one.  I have only one thing to say about this:  It’s about stinking time.  Remember that hospital in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest?  That’s the

Hospital.  For real.  The actual one.  And in case you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t look any better now than it did then.  Of course, they recommended 20 years ago that the place be torn down, but the state kept pouring money and patients into it anyway.  Will this dinosaur finally go the way of all the other dinosaurs?  We can only pray.

Well, you won’t have Madhousewife to kick around for the next few days because I will be making my great tour of
Virginia and
Maryland.  I know I need this vacation because Sunday night I started missing my kids and I haven’t even left yet.  Being how it’s been seven years plus since I’ve been able to spend a day not changing anyone’s diaper or going to the bathroom by myself, I view that sentiment less as extreme maternal love and more as extreme co-dependency.  We’ll see what I’m really made of once I’ve gone 48 hours without getting someone juice.

And to those of you straight-A math students who deduced from my blog of yesterday that today is my birthday, thank you for the well-wishes.  I will eat some cake for you.  Okay, I’ll eat it for all of you, since I like you so much.  I still have to decide where I want to go out to dinner tonight.  I’ve been eating a lot of Thai food lately.  Yesterday my husband came home with Thai food left over from his business lunch.  Some people get doggy bags; my husband gets a wife bag.  He knows how to keep me on his good side.

See you next week, kids.