No, it’s not a photo post.  You can relax now.

CrudeOil asked:  Were you raised in the Mormon church or were you a convert in later life?

Do you think this is a life I would have chosen?  No, I was born this way.

TheLioness asked:  If you had a “do over” to fix something in your past, what would it be?

Generally, I don’t like to think about “fixing” something from the past because I suspect I would end up in a completely different present than the one I’m currently enjoying.  I’m often curious about what course my life would have taken if I’d opted to go back to graduate school instead of entering a teaching program which I dropped out of after three weeks and getting a job at the newspaper and also meeting my future husband–I’m curious, but I’m not interested in trading outcomes, so that’s not something I really want to fix.

I would, however, be sorely tempted to go back in time and never date that one guy I wish I’d never dated.  He was pretty much a loser, by any objective criteria.  He was immature, selfish, irresponsible, totally lacking in the clue department.  Of course that’s just the pot calling the kettle black, because if I was so smart and mature, what was I doing dating him?  Because he was in a band, and I thought I could meet some hot guys that way, I don’t know.  Actually, I did meet some hot guys, but it wouldn’t have been good to date them either–musicians, you know, they’re all bad news.  (Unless they’re planning on getting a Ph.D. in chemistry and working for a living–then you marry them.)  The worst part was that I didn’t dump him.  He dumped me.  I think he finally realized I wasn’t going to have sex with him.  And since he was already having sex with someone else, dating me was sort of superfluous.  I’ll always be grateful to him for saving me from myself.  But if I could go back and not have to be saved, that would be nice.

OneOddFrog asked:  DO you have a “most embarrassing” [moment] …and would ya be bold enough to tell it!??!?!

The fact that I dated a total loser and had to be dumped by him before I could figure out that he was a total loser has always been extremely embarrassing for me.  Especially since people continued to think that he was still my boyfriend for months afterwards.  Which only partly explains why no decent man would ask me out during that period.

Anothermadhousewife asked:  Do you ever think of a Xangan in real life conversation, and feel like a superdork, when you have the impulse to talk about ‘cyber-friends?’

All…the stinking…time.  I really can’t bring myself to tell the people I know in real life that I have this whole other internet life because they would think that was really creepy.  Frankly, so would I if it weren’t, you know, my life.

Aeryll asked:  What are your five happiest life experiences?

1.  I can still recall exactly how elated I was when the guy I had this horrible crush on asked me to go to this school dance.  Of course, I can also recall how miserable I was when I realized that he really wanted to go with someone else but her parents wouldn’t let her, so, you know, it’s a bittersweet memory.  But at the time I was really, really happy.

2.  My first date with Sugar Daddy.  I was just ecstatic to be going out with a decent person who liked me back.  What a miracle it was.

3.  The day Princess Zurg started doing her business on the toilet instead of her diaper.  Again, a miracle.

4.  Going into a grocery store and realizing I could buy whatever the heck cereal I wanted because MY HUSBAND HAD A PAYING JOB!!!  WOO-HOO!

5.  That summer we housesat and had a housekeeper.  Man, that was awesome.

If this seems like less than a grandiose list, it’s because I’m a very simple girl.

Slowmo_d_o asked:  what’s your favorite pudding flavor?  i’m a pistachio guy.

I love pistachio pudding.  It is my favorite.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come in those convenient, earth-destroying snack cups, so I don’t eat it as much as the chocolate, which is also good, but you know, not pistachio.  I hate tapioca.  I know you didn’t ask for that info, but I thought I’d volunteer it anyway.