SD’s in
Arizona until Saturday.

I gained eight pounds in four weeks.

I have two pies in my refrigerator that I will have to eat all by myself.

I changed my mind about Arrested Development, and now I’m totally into it.  Stupid TV.

I am over my Cheeto addiction.

I have begun my fudge brownie addiction.  (Well, picked up where I left off, actually, but who’s keeping track?)

I had an ultrasound today.  I am not having twins.

No, I don’t know what gender it is, but SD and I have finally settled on a girl’s name, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a boy.

Rejected family names for boys:  Esper,
Clyde, Dwight, Osborne, Bert

Boy names rejected by SD:  Harold, Noah, Stephen

Boy names rejected by Mad:  Luke Skywalker, Ernie

Must.  Nap.