Newt Gingrich on NPR’s “This I Believe”:

“I believe that the world is inherently a very dangerous place, and that things that are now very good can go bad very quickly.”

Wow.  Can someone say “nattering nabob of negativity”?  That’s why this cat will never be President.  What a bummer, dude!


Has anyone else noticed that Band-Aid has started using some adhesive that sticks like Krazy Glue to every surface but skin?  Whenever one of these bandages comes off my kid, it becomes a permanent part of the decor.  Though I suppose if it stuck to skin the way it sticks to linoleum, I’d have to take my child for some outpatient surgery every time a boo-boo healed.


For some reason Mister Bubby has taken to calling me “Mimi.”


We had a birthday party for MB’s Kenzie doll last night.  MB says we need to have another birthday party for his clone trooper night after next.  Princess Zurg said, “But didn’t we just have a birthday party for Clone?”  I then had to explain that clones have an accelerated growth rate and therefore have birthdays more often than the rest of us.  Then I thought, “What the freak did I just say?”


Princess Zurg’s new hip phrase:  “That’s so glam!”


The Best Mouse Cookie by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, as read by Giraffemom and Elvis

Elvis:  I want Mouse Cookie!  Mouse Cookie!

Giraffemom:  Okay!  Mouse Cookie.  “The Best Mouse Cookie.  Mouse has everything he needs to make cookies.  He adds flour, salt, and a little music.”

E:  What’s dat?

GM:  That’s sugar.

E:  Dat’s SALT!

GM:  OKAY, that’s salt.

E:  DAT’S sugar.

GM:  Of course.

E:  What’s he saying?

GM:  He’s singing.  He’s adding music.

E:  He singing “Nevah-ending Stowy.”

GM:  Ah.  Sure looks like it, eh?

E:  Turn da page.

GM:  “Mouse thinks baking is easy…sometimes.  The bigger the drop the louder the plop.  Now Mouse needs a little rest.  He makes himself comfortable…a little too comfortable!  Oh, well, Mouse doesn’t mind starting over.”

E (grabbing frantically at the page):  I gonna get dose cookies!

GM:  Are you going to eat them?

E:  No eat dem.  Dey GWOSS!

GM:  Yes, they’re all burnt.  Let’s turn the page.  “There’s no such thing as too many cookies.  But the best cookie is the one you share with a friend.  Just ask Mouse.”

E:  He ate ALL da cookies.

GM:  Yes.

E:  Dose good cookies.

GM:  Yes.

E:  He so tired.  He go to sleep.

GM:  Good idea.


It’s 70 degrees here in
Portland.  August is finally back to normal!  Woo-hoo!