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Have I mentioned before that these quizzes have me totally pegged?

So last week I noticed that my hands were getting swollen.  My feet were fine, but my hands were puffy.  My fingers looked short because they were so fat.  I thought it was weird that only my hands were affected, but I wasn’t worried until it became difficult to use my hands, and then my hands started hurting, and then my hands started going numb.  My right was worse off than my left (not surprisingly, since I’m right-handed), and the pain was spreading up to my elbow, kind of like carpal tunnel syndrome.  I had carpal tunnel syndrome about eleven or twelve years ago, when I was working as a typist full-time, but I haven’t been engaging in repetitive-motion activities as of late, unless the day-in/day-out drudgery of my life counts as repetitive motion.  So this was curious.  Anyway, I called one of those “health professionals” to see if I was, you know, “dying” or something, and they said it was possible the baby was putting stress on some nerve or whatever, and I should try wrist splints and see if that helped.

So I bought a wrist splint last night at the Target.  I also bought a new purse.  Well, not a purse exactly, but one of those purses that’s actually a backpack, only it’s a purse because you can’t take it hiking.  Well, you could, but it would be dumb, unless you went hiking at the mall or something.  It’s funny because for years and years and years owning the same freaking purse, but since I started having babies I have gone through about a dozen different diaper bags of various styles, and in the past year I have purchased three of these backpack/purse thingies, hoping I had finally stumbled upon the single most practical accessory for my carrying-crap-around lifestyle.  It couldn’t be too big, or I’d just stuff it with way more crap than I needed.  It couldn’t be too small, or it couldn’t take the stress of me overstuffing it with just a little more crap than I needed.  Anyway, I convinced myself that this bag selling for $19.99 at Target was something I needed even if I didn’t technically “need” it because for all I knew, my overloaded bag I was currently carrying on my back could be the cause of all my woes in the first place.  You thought I’d abruptly changed the subject, didn’t you?  No, this had to do with my wrist splint all along.

So I put on my wrist splint when I got home.  I’m never sure how to wear these things.  They say it should be “snug” but not “tight.”  Well, for sure I don’t want to lose any more feeling in my fingers, so I know I don’t want it to be “tight.”  But at what point does “snug” become “tight”?  I understand it should feel comfortable, but is my “comfortably snug” really just “nay, not snug, but loose,” or have I gone so numb in both arms that “comfortably snug” is actually “tight” and I’m going to lose my hand over this?  Anyway, this just added to my anxiety and made me all the more glad I’d bought myself a new bag because you never know what’s going to happen.

So I wore the splint to bed, like they told me to, and this morning was the first in several days that I haven’t woken up with completely numb hands.  They still hurt, though, which is kind of a bummer, and actually it was probably a bad idea to blog about it because all this typing is making my fingers go numb.  Also, my children are probably tearing up my kitchen right about now, so adieu, gentle readers.  Enjoy your long weekend without mail service.