I have a baby shower tonight (for someone else, not me), and I’m supposed to come up with some kind of game or icebreaker or other fun diversion–which would be fine if not for the fact that the party is an open house format.  I know.  It’s impossible.  I just need something for guests to do besides, you know, eat, socialize and drop off their gifts.  Okay, so I’m not the one who needs it.  I think it’s enough to eat, socialize and drop off gifts.  But I’m in charge of this part anyway.  I also have to bring food and buy the group gift today–which means I have to take both Elvis and the baby to the Target, and how I’m going to put Elvis in cart lockdown and carry the baby at the same time is another problem I’ll need help solving.  I know.  Babysitter.  But my most reliable babysitter just had a baby herself and is still in the hospital, and I’m rapidly wearing out my welcome with all the others, who I’m going to need to do me favors later this week anyway.

I know what you’re wondering:  is everyone I know about to give birth, actually giving birth or recovering from giving birth?  Answer:  yes.


“If it’s a bad day, you can drink alcohol.”–Mister Bubby