So as another year goes down the tubes, I am inspired to look up my goals for 2005 and see if I actually managed to meet any of them.  I was smart this year, as you might recall (if you have nothing better to do with your brain than remember a blog I wrote 11 months ago), and tried to keep things simple.  Here were my resolutions:

1.  Toilet train Mister Bubby.

2.  Become comfortable with power tools so I can install my Tot Loks™.

3.  Hang up my pictures.

4.  Start exercising again.

5.  Clean my bathroom.

So here we are, almost to 2006, and all I can say is, two and a half out of five isn’t bad.  (Can I count cleaning my bathroom more than once?  Because I did.  It was a better-than-average year.)  Obviously I should have written something more along the lines of “Give birth to yet another unreasonably attractive child,” but I wasn’t that forward-thinking in those days.  (I’m definitely not that forward-thinking now.)  Or, alternatively, I could have written, “Gain 45 pounds so I never have to wear anything but maternity clothes again as long as I live,” but even I am not that desperate for a success story.  I certainly can’t make that goal for this year because I’d have to buy a whole other maternity wardrobe to accommodate myself.  On the plus side, the baby really is cute.