One way in which formula is better than breastmilk

I don’t cry when I pour formula down the drain.

Field Trip Update

So the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts, which explains why yesterday’s field trip to the playground pizzeria was an overall success.  The first 30 minutes were fairly painful, since they were taken up with the tour–which might have been edifying if you were one of the six children in the very front of the (very large) group, but if you were bringing up the rear like me and my boys, you often found yourselves stopped for several minutes in front of things that were not remotely related to what the tour guide was talking about.  In our case, we stopped by many, many doors.  Every time the group stopped, the people in front were looking at something cool, and those of us in the back were by a door.  Yes, the dreaded door, which Elvis proceeded to go in and out of.  First he went in and out of the door leading outside to the dumpsters.  At our next stop he went in and out of the door leading to the stockroom.  At our last stop he went for one of the many oven doors, but I was able to thwart him.  No Elvis pizza was made that day.

And no one threw up, even when hit by the full-frontal olfactory assault of the playground area.  Actually, once I got acclimated to the smell, I had a very relaxing morning watching the boys run around like ninnies along with all the other kids, and me just sitting on my fat, tired butt all the while.  Eventually, of course, Elvis discovered the door leading out of the play area.  Which he proceeded to go in and out of.  If I were a hyper-responsible individual I would have tried to stop him and insisted on taking everyone home when he refused, but of course I’m not that person.  I knew all he wanted to do was open and close the door, which had a window, so I could see that he never left the immediate area right in front of the door–it was literally go out, peek in, come back in, go back out for about 20 minutes straight, and then he was over it and went on the slide.  I got a lot more rest that way, plus I think it helped a little with the ventilation of the room.

There was much exchanging of Purell afterwards, but a good time was had by all.

And now for something completely different

So I had my tap class again last night, and renewed my discovery of the fact that I have very weak ankles.  And am extremely right-footed.  You should have seen me trying to do toe clips with my left foot last night.  That was humor at its highest, I assure you.  Your loss.