I’m going to keep a running list of questions for you all to answer.  In addition to the difference between “Bible-believing Christians” and all other Christians, I would also like to know the following:

1.  What is a “footprint”?  I’m talking about that thing on my Xanga dash, not what’s in the dirt after I walk on it or that inspirational poem in your Grandmother’s living room.

2.  After my elder daughter has made such tremendous strides in school this year, why why why is she suddenly going postal for two straight weeks before her annual IEP review?  This is the second time this week she’s been sent home.  I can’t handle this.  I.  Cannot.  Handle.  This.

3.  Why didn’t they tell me I could expedite my Zoloft order when I placed it two weeks ago?  That would have been $9 extra-well-spent.