• It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths to which my children will go to put on their clothes backwards and their shoes on the wrong feet.
  • So I have emerged triumphant from my second tap recital.  I am dithering about whether or not to move up to Tap II in the fall term.  On the one hand, I could use the extra challenge.  On the other hand, the class meets from 7:30 to 8:30, which really cuts into my evening.  Plus, I find that I’m already very sleepy during my 6:30 to 7:30 Tap I class.  Plus, there’s my lack of talent.  That always comes back to bite me in the rear end.  Don’t get me wrong–I’ve grown dreadfully more competent over the last two years, but I am still slow on the uptake.  On the other hand, or I guess, back on the first hand, if one doesn’t take risks, one will never grow.  But back on the other other hand, I will miss my new Tap I friends, and while my old Tap I friends who moved up to Tap II without me will now be my old-new Tap II friends–forget it.  I haven’t taken my drugs yet this morning.
  • My step-mother is coming to visit me next week, whilst my husband is in France.  Remember when I blogged about her maybe visiting this week, and I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to make my house presentable?  Well, like, that day she called me and we talked about when she should come and we decided that next week would be better because of SD being in France and all, and blah blah blah, and then just as we’re hanging up, she says, “Oh, and Mad?  Don’t worry about your house.”  Creepy!
  • I need to take my kids to Safeway today because Elvis has toasted every slice of bread in the house.
  • SD wants to see Blind Guardian when they come to Seattle this summer.  No, he’s not planning to take me.  (No offense to Blind Guardian, whom I enjoy, but I think some situations are too surreal even for someone like myself.)  He will probably go with a metalhead co-worker.  Yesterday at lunch he was telling his boss, Superfreak, that Superfreak ought to come with him and Metalhead Co-worker to see Blind Guardian.  Superfreak politely declined, but SD likes to tease Superfreak because Superfreak is so not superfreaky and the thought of Superfreak going to a heavy metal concert with SD, of all people, is just too absurd not to fantasize about.  Anyway, during a lull in the conversation, some other co-worker sat down with them, at which point Superfreak said, “If I’m going to come with you, I’ll have to get some tiger-striped spandex.”  That’s when the other co-worker got back up and walked away.  Just kidding!  But there was an awkward silence.
  • I have finished watching Veronica Mars Season One and now I am in decompression/withdrawal mode.  I can’t wait for Season Two.  Don’t tell me what happens on Season Two!  I’m totally serious!  Don’t even try it, or you will totally spoil it for me.
  • Read any good books lately?