I had some weird dreams last night, but they were so real.  Like I dreamed that I was posting on Xanga and my headline was “George W. Bush Drowns Orphan’s Puppy:  President Says Dog “Had It Coming.”  I think I then proceeded to write a very sarcastic political blog that was probably pure genius, since I was asleep and all, but it’s gone now.  Your loss, kiddos.

In other news, my son’s new shampoo smells like insecticide.  Specifically, it smells like that old Raid Country Scent, which was supposed to smell like lilac and lavender or something, but actually just smelled like extra-disgusting Raid.  Why would they put that scent in a shampoo?  Now I keep getting these subliminal messages that my son’s hair is toxic.  I can’t trust my nose anymore.  It’s tragic.

We finished the second season of Veronica Mars, and now I’m in Veronica Mars withdrawal.  Sugar Daddy was helping some friends move last night, so after the kids went to bed, I put on Season One while I folded laundry.  That show is freaking awesome.  SD came home and watched it with me, and we still had a hard time turning it off, even though we already knew what was going to happen next.  It’s freaking awesome, all right, but I can’t swear that it’s that freaking awesome.  We may just be that freaking pathetic.

While my father was here, he helped me clean my house.  He did the lion’s share of cleaning Princess Zurg’s room, for which he probably deserves a medal.  It took him all day.  (By contrast, I cleaned my own room in forty-five minutes, and the boys’ room in about two hours.)  He threw away a lot of crap.  Contrary to what he believed would be the case, PZ was asking about some of said crap not twenty-four hours later.  But she hasn’t asked about it in the last 36 hours, so we may be home free.  I mention the cleaning only because it’s really hot today and I’m glad I did all that hard work earlier in the week because now I’m lazy.

I made a baby wrap sling for myself–or rather, for my baby, who appreciates it almost as much as I do.  By “make,” of course, I mean I bought a five yards of fabric on clearance and cut it down the middle lengthwise so it wouldn’t be too wide, and I learned how to wrap it around the baby and myself so that it now qualifies as a baby wrap.  No homemaking skills required.  It works very nicely.  When the baby was born, I bought a pouch-style sling, which has served me very well, but I like the baby wrap better for prolonged periods of baby-wearing.  I wanted something she could move her legs in, since it seemed counter-intuitive to take a baby to physical therapy one day and then trap her legs in a sling the next.  (Not that I ever kept her in there very long, but still, it seemed odd.)

Anyway, we look tres crunchy while walking to the mailbox now.  I totally recommend slings for baby-wearing.  Unless you’re a dude.  If you’re a dude who wants to wear a baby, I’d stick with the Baby Bjorn or whatever the kids are riding in these days, because you will look like less of a sissy.  No offense to you sling-wearing dad-dudes–I’m sure you’re incredibly virile, and it’s just our society that’s messed up.  Anyway, for those of you who are interested in making your own baby sling but not interested in sewing (or serging, which is what you really need to do), buy five-and-a-half yards of knit fabric (with a teensy bit of stretch, but not too much–no spandex, for example), the kind that curls at the ends when cut.  Then watch these videos to learn how to wrap up your baby.  The learning curve is not as steep as I was led to believe.  I mean, if I can do it…you know the rest.

It’s so hot in this house that I’m tempted to drive everyone down to the Target just for the air conditioning.