I’m sure this gluten-free/casein-free diet is already helping Elvis.  Yesterday he said an actual word:  cheese. Actually, it was more like “CHEESE!” He said it several times.  Good boy!

Speaking of cheese, Sugar Daddy bought some reduced-fat “cheese crunchies” from Trader Joe’s the other day.  Just because he could, I guess.  (We hadn’t started the diet in earnest yet.)  They taste like stale Cheetos.  So, you know, they aren’t bad.

I suppose you’ve all heard about the $1 million judgment against Xanga.  I say it’s about time we Xangans got the bad-boy image we deserve.  Actually, I think Dan the Theologian said it best.  (That post was like, hours ago, so you’ll have to dig through the archives to find it, unless you click on my handy link.)  I actually suspect an eight-year-old would have a more interesting blog than most high-school students.  Mine would, anyway.

Go take the Bad Housewife challenge at Mormon Mommy Wars.  (No Mormon experience is required.)  I scored a 12.  Don’t share your score with me unless it is higher.

I need to go make sure Elvis is staying out of the Goldfish and not rotting in front of a Barney video.  Ciao.