Madhousewife, Cradle Robber

My husband recently posted an artifact from his misspent youth.  This is not meant to be an endorsement.  I merely wanted to draw your attention to the edit at the bottom of the page.  For someone whose strong suit is math, he is surprisingly bad with dates.  Not months and days so much as years.  We frequently refer to SD as the Boy Wonder and/or the Golden Boy, but it is just an expression.  He is not 25 years old.  That would mean that he was begetting Princess Zurg when he was about 16.  I did marry a (somewhat) younger man, kiddos, but I swear he was legal at the time.

Sugar Daddy, Smart***SD:  Did you notice that Scott knew what GFCI was?

Mad:  Yes, dear.

SD:  You should ask random men at church today what GFCI is.

Mad:  That won’t be necessary.  You’ve proved your point.

SD:  Would you like me to explain it to you?

Mad:  No, thank you.

SD:  I’m just sayin’.

Mad:  I know what you’re saying.

First Eldridge Cleaver, Now ThisSomeone (who may have been unclear on the concept of internet aliases) once took me to task for naming my kid Elvis.  I told him that Elvis was, in fact, a traditional Mormon name.  I thought I was just being funny, but it turns out I was right!

Philosophical Question of the HourWhy is Monday such a crap-infested day?

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