David Wu (D-Oregon):  “There are Klingons in the White House”

I knew there was a reason we re-elected him!

I wish someone had paged me when they started making shirts long enough to cover a grown woman’s stomach.  For the last several years I’ve been buying shirts two sizes too large, just to get a comfortable length.  I don’t believe I have a longer-than-average torso.  To wit, my handsome husband and I are about the same height.  Most of his height is in his torso, and most of mine is in my legs.  Therefore, his torso is freakishly long and mine is just normal.  Yet for years every shirt in my size has reached to about my navel.  It was so uncool.  Couple that with the low-rise jeans trend and you have double-plus uncool.

Totally irrelevant aside:  When my brother-in-law was visiting us last month, he brought his new girlfriend along.  She’s a lovely girl–I believe Sugar Daddy’s words were “the most mentally stable person he’s ever dated”–but thanks to low-rise jeans we were all well aware of the fact that she wore thong underwear.  Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing thong underwear, but it’s not a familiar sight around our household.  Which is one reason, I suppose, it made such a strong impression on Mister Bubby, who remarked to me one night that Uncle P’s girlfriend “has very thin underwear.”

“Yes,” I replied.  “That she does.”

“That underwear doesn’t cover your bum very much.”


“Like–only the part where you poop.  That’s all it covers.”

Needless to say, he was somewhat mystified by the concept.  And Lord knows I’ll never think of thong underwear the same again.  Fortunately the conversation ended shortly after that.  Totally irrelevant aside concluded.

So now that they’re finally making shirts long again, I am finding it hard to resist the impulse to buy clothes that fit me.  I feel like I ought to be stocking up or something.  That’s all.  I’m just really pleased that the fabric shortage is over.  I wanted to commemmorate it somehow.  Totally pointless blog section concluded.

According to the just-published book A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder, neatness and organization are not all they’re cracked up to be.  In point of fact, being too organized leads to time-wasting and inefficiency.  Now they tell me.

Co-author David Freedman says, “A willingness to embrace mess can be a celebration of life.”

I was going to clean my house this weekend, but I think instead I will celebrate life.  The rest of you should do the same.