Mister Bubby’s kindergarten class is studying China.  Right now they’re focusing on the similarities and differences between China and the United States.  His homework, which is due one hour from now, is to tell about (and draw a picture of) one such difference.  Fill in the blanks:  In China a family _____________________.  But in America, my family ___________.

Everything I have learned about China over the last 24 hours indicates that it’s too diverse of a country to make many generalizations about–you know, that aren’t offensive.  In China a family speaks Chinese.  But in America my family speaks English.  In Chinese a family eats with chopsticks.  But in America my family eats with forks and spoons. And, as Mister Bubby insists, occasionally with chopsticks.  Damn multi-culturalism.

Then there’s this gem of a difference:

MB:  Mommy, in China you can only have one child.  Right?

GM:  Um…Usually.  Sometimes you can have two.

MB:  But you can’t have four.

GM:  Umm…no.

MB:  We’d be illegal in China.

Too much for kindergarten?