Does this story strike you as weird?

New York Post:  “Agita over Chelsea Photo”

September 26, 2007 — Hillary Clinton just lost one vote. Yesterday, Nino Selimaj, owner of Italian eatery Osso Buco on University Place, received a letter from Bill Clinton‘s office demanding that a photo of Chelsea Clinton with Selimaj, which had hung in the front window for five years, be taken down. “I am really heartbroken,” Selimaj told us. “Until this morning, I would have voted for Hillary. Bill was my favorite president of all time . . . I really hope they will reconsider.” Selimaj also said he would “post the letter from the office instead of the photo.” The letter from Clinton lawyer Douglas Band stated, “Ms. Clinton, a private citizen, was not consulted prior to this picture being displayed, and thus, her permission was not given for you to do so. While she may have dined at your restaurant, this does not serve as an endorsement. We ask that you immediately remove that picture and any and all pictures displaying Ms. Clinton.” Selimaj said he has never before been asked to take down a photo of a public figure. “Hillary has lost my vote,” he said.

The weirdness is three-fold:

1)  Isn’t Chelsea Clinton an adult now?  Can’t she handle her own correspondence?

2)  Isn’t Chelsea Clinton a public figure?  Did she not pose for the picture of her own free will?  Is it not merely hanging on the wall of the restaurant which is privately owned by Nino Selimaj, the other subject in the photograph?  Is it also plastered all over the subways and sides of buses with copy along the lines of “My dad says eat at Osso Buco or he’ll have you audited” or “The vast, right-wing conspiracy doesn’t want you to eat at Osso Buco”?  Is it not just a document of a historical fact, i.e. Chelsea Clinton ate here?

3)  Is this not a freaking picture?  Not even a particularly unflattering one?  Was she drunk?  Was she thirteen?  Does this not make the Clintons look petty and/or lame?  Does this not fall under the category of Not Remotely Worth The Bother? 

Is it just me?