Sugar Daddy and his grandma on child TV stars

Grandma:  You know who I always liked?  The middle boy on Home Improvement.  I didn’t care for the older one or the younger one, but that middle one–I can’t remember his name–

Sugar Daddy:  Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Grandma:  Jonathan Taylor Thomas–he was just always so natural.

SD:  Well, you know, that Brian Bonsall from Family Ties was just arrested for beating up his girlfriend.

Grandma:  What do you want to bet she hit him first?

Madhousewife:  I know I would.

All share a good-natured chuckle.

Wednesday Wonderings

* November is National Novel Writing Month.  There are two days left in November.  Do you think I can write a novel in two days?

* What’s the deal with individually wrapped sanitary napkins?  As I recall, when sanitary napkin companies first started doing this, the packages used to tout the “discreet” wrappers–for those women on-the-rag-and-on-the-go, as it were.  As though a plastic-wrapped sanitary napkin is going to provide any cover for why you keep visiting the ladies’ room and/or acting like such a b-word.  I reckon the difference between an adhesive backing and a plastic wrapper doubling as an adhesive backing is negligible in terms of environmental impact, but for some reason, it still bothers me.  Why should it bother me?

* Why can’t I bring myself to spend $8 on Scott Westerfield’s Pretties?  If I wrote a book, I would certainly like people to pay $8 for it.  Because that would be, like, what–0.008 cents for me?  Why am I begrudging Scott Westerfield’s 0.008 cents?  Is it because I only paid $1 for my copy of D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers and still haven’t read it yet?  D.H. Lawrence is dead and doesn’t need the money.  I spent $8 to see Hitch two years ago.  Granted, that was largely due to peer pressure.  (Chick Flick Night with the Ladies.  Hey, it’s not like they asked me to smoke marijuana or something.  Which I would have done, of course, had they asked me, but only because it might have improved the cinematic experience for me and not because I cave to peer pressure as a matter of course.  I can stop any time I want.)  But still, it’s troubling.

* Sometimes I don’t like to read novels because it reminds me that mine is not finished and in fact just barely begun.  Or is it because I’m cheap and don’t want to spend the $8?

* Why is it that I can sing Barney songs and do Baby Bob impressions for my kids without sensing any loss of dignity, but whenever I sing the Wiggles’ “Monkey Dance” song, I feel like a Complete Idiot?

* I swear I could do a full load of laundry that was compromised of nothing but socks.  I suppose there are twelve feet in this house, but still, that’s a lot of socks, is it not?

That’s all I got.  But for the sake of my compulsion to write tri-fold blogs, here is a random Chuck Norris fact:

Crop circles are Chuck Norris’s way of telling the world that sometimes corn has to lay the **** down.

Most likely I shan’t post again in November.  Good luck with those novels, kids.  Adieu.