Sugar Daddy:  So that’s where my hair gel went.  Do you know how long I’ve been looking for this?

Madhousewife:  About a week?  Why didn’t you just ask me about it?

SD:  Maybe I was tired of nagging you about this stuff.

Mad:  I doubt that.  I think you just figured you left it someplace crazy and were too embarrassed to bring it up.

SD:  Well, I thought I’d left it at my girlfriend’s house, but I’m glad to learn that wasn’t the case.

Mad:  Where do you think I found it?

SD:  Oh, so you’ve met, then.  That makes things less awkward.

Mad:  Yeah.

SD:  So what’d you think?

Mad:  She seemed nice.

SD:  Yeah, once you get past the hair on her upper lip.

Mad:  I thought that gave her character.