Disagreeing with Mormon doctrines does not make you a bigot.

Disagreeing with mischaracterized and distorted Mormon “doctrines” doesn’t make you a bigot, either.  That’s good news, isn’t it?  The bad news is that it does make you preoccupied with issues that have no relevance to reality.  It’s sad when that happens.

Most Mormons I know don’t subscribe to “Mormonism” as you’ve defined it.  I certainly don’t.  You don’t like me calling myself “Christian” when I don’t accept every jot and tittle of the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed, so I assume you don’t want me to call myself “Mormon” if I don’t believe that there are alien Jesuses on other planets and that my husband’s going to grow up to be his own Jesus someday.  I don’t want to misrepresent myself, so what descriptor am I allowed to use?  I’m not Christian, I’m not Mormon, I’m not Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist or Sikh or Hindu or Unitarian, so what am I? 

Oh, dear–am I godless?  Crap.  I’m godless, aren’t I?  They told me if I voted Republican, this would never happen!

I’m pissed.

In other religious-diversity news…

My son’s preschool teachers gave him a Christmas present.  Which wouldn’t bother me, except that it’s an Oregon Beavers puzzle.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except for the small matter of us being DUCKS fans.

Some people are so insensitive.