Today was garbage day.  A few hours ago the garbage truck came and emptied our garbage can.  It is now 3 p.m.  The garbage can is full again.  The garbage truck, on the other hand, does not come back until next Wednesday.  This is a serious problem.

How is it that six people can make so much garbage?  Even with two of us in diapers (I’m not naming names), there really is no excuse for this volume of waste.  I am deeply disturbed by this trend.  I should also mention that I am highly annoyed by the fact that we seem to be the only household on the block that not only requires the extra-large trash can but which also regularly overfills it.  You people with your tiny trash cans, what must your lives be like?  Even your recycling bins, which only get picked up fortnightly, are neatly under full capacity.  Ours was overflowing within five days.  I can’t imagine producing that little garbage in seven days.  How is it accomplished? 

We pay $62 a month for this giant trash can.  The waste disposal company does not, to my knowledge, offer dumpsters for single-family residences.  More’s the pity.  But we’re already bringing our neighborhood’s property values way down just by living here.