Princess Zurg and the Problem of Gender 

Princess Zurg:   Men and women are just so different.

Giraffemom:  They are.

PZ:  They have different points of view.

Giraffemom:  They do.

PZ:  They even have different points of view going to the bathroom!

Princess Zurg and the Enemy

Princess Zurg has a nemesis in her classroom.  For the sake of privacy and propriety, he shall henceforth be called “Dummyhead.”  Not a day goes by that she doesn’t complain about how Dummyhead is making her life miserable just by being him.  Sugar Daddy’s advice about dealing with difficult people was to think of one good thing about the person, no matter how trivial a virtue it might be. 

So this morning at breakfast SD asked her, “Did you think of one thing you like about Dummyhead?”

PZ thought very long and hard and finally said, “His hair.”

“So the next time he annoys you, just think about how you like his hair.”

“Is that really supposed to work?” she asked incredulously.

SD assured her that he did the same thing when he had to deal with people he didn’t particularly like or get along with, and it worked pretty well for him.  With that he went off to work, leaving PZ to ponder the wisdom of her father’s words.  After several minutes, she spoke again.

“I like his hair, but I don’t like the way it looks on his stupid head.”