Anybody out there use self-adhesive laminating sheets?  What’s your verdict?  Totally awesome, adequate, or not worth the bother (or money)?  Give it to me straight.  I can take it.

The rest of you, have a good Monday.  Well, technically, you can all have a good Monday.  Those of you who leave me a helpful comment having to do with lamination can have an extra-good Monday, insofar as my good will can influence such.  And it’s not like I’m going to curse you if you can’t help me with my laminating issues.  I wouldn’t even know how to do that.  I don’t even know how to laminate.  (I know, what kind of Mormon girl am I, I don’t have my own laminating machine.  I don’t own a sewing machine either.  Or a wheat grinder.  It’s a sorry state of affairs over here.)  But you should all really have a good Monday, regardless. 

Seriously, though–self-adhesive laminating:  yea or nay?