This might be the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

My initial response was, “I wanted to like that. But I think it just made me really uncomfortable.” Then I decided to watch it again. Why? I don’t know. Do you ever pass by a really bad traffic accident and then decide to go back and have another look? Me either. And yet I did here. I can’t explain myself.

On second viewing, I thought maybe I did like it. Because it is just that bad. It’s really bad. On the other hand, it is also awesome. How can I reconcile these two facts? I should watch it again. And yet, I should not. I should let the thing die. I should not post it on my blog. So why is it here?

I think that maybe, rather than being like watching a bad traffic accident, it is like pressing on a bruise to convince myself that it doesn’t hurt that much. See, I’m pressing on it and it doesn’t hurt that much. Except that it does. It hurts worse. But then I start to think I like to hurt. That’s what this video is like.

HT: Mormon Mommy Wars. Thanks for nothing, ladies.