Dear Princess Zurg,

Today you turned 10. That means you’ve been here with us for a full decade, and also that I feel old.

I was just thinking about how grown-up you’ve become. Today we hosted the biggest birthday party of your partying career. Fourteen of your friends came. (It rained, of course.) You got along well with everyone, even the annoying kids, and accepted all of your gifts graciously. I was especially impressed later in the day, when your brother made a comment in front of your friend that might have embarrassed her, but you quickly changed the subject. That was mature and thoughtful, and I was very pleased with you.

I was also pleased that you weren’t too mature for a rousing game of Pin the Fork on Lord Barkis. You’ll be in double digits a long time. There’s no need to grow up too fast.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl,