Because my sister tagged me, and it was like a triple-doggy dare I couldn’t resist!

Ahem.  “A Meme in 10 Pictures (or so).”

#1 – Kitchen sink

Ordinarily I am pretty good about dishes.  I don’t have dishophobia, like some people I could mention.  But this morning my sink is less than Fly Lady shiny.

#2 – Inside fridge

You know, when I look at it this way, it doesn’t seem so gross.  No one said I had to do a close-up, I guess.

#3 – Favorite shoes

I don’t know if they’re my favorite shoes.  They’re just the flashiest, and the ones I happen to be wearing right now.  I got them on the cheap at the Payless Shoesource BOGO 1/2-off sale!  Actually, I mostly bought them to impress Princess Zurg.

#4 – Closet

It didn’t specify “inside” or “outside,” but I figured if I took a picture of a door, some might consider that cheating.  Please bear in mind, though, that the housekeepers just came last week, and I had to cram all my junk somewhere.  Okay, so this junk has been in here for the last six months.  So sue me.

Yes, I know, that’s at least half of it a picture of a door, but I couldn’t open the door all the way, so what was I supposed to do?

#5 – Laundry pile

I’m not sure what is meant by laundry “pile” (singular?), so I took a couple different pictures.  I’m in the middle of a laundry marathon, so my hampers (plural) are mostly empty, but here is a picture of some laundry that needs to be folded:

And here’s some laundry that still needs to be laundered:

#6 – What the kids are doing right now

At least this was what they were doing when I took the picture.

They look so sweet when they’re watching television.  Like little angels.

# 7 – Favorite room

I can’t say any room is my favorite right now, as the whole house is pretty much a pig sty–but I am rather fond of this spot at the top of the stairs.  Look how clean it is!

#8 – Toilet

You’d think people would have had enough of my toilet pictures by now, but I guess supply must meet demand.

I offer no explanation for the following.

If it makes you feel any better, this potty chair has never, ever been used.  Not in its intended capacity, anyway.

#9 – Fantasy vacation

Why would I need a vacation, when I have all this?  What more could a woman ask for?

But if you held a gun to my head, I would love to go back to the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon.

I think I would like to stay in a different room than Poe’s this time.

#10 – Self-portrait

I never said I wasn’t a cheater at heart.