While driving

Sugar Daddy: When I get my new car, I’m going to get a vanity plate.

Madhousewife: What’s it going to say?

SD: Probably “U-P-Y-R-S.”

Mad: That’d be good.

SD: Or “C-R-P-T-C-H-R.”

Mad: “Carp teacher?”

SD: “Crap toucher.”

Mad: Of course. So do you think you could get away with something naughty, so long as you had an innocent explanation for it?

SD: Actually, what I should do is just have some random word, like “smell.” Or “towel.”

Mad: “Towel” is good.

SD: And in the place where they ask you to explain it, I’d write, “You know, like, a towel.”

Mad: You have to do that.

While reading from the Good Book

SD: So it says the king had many wives and concubines. What’s a concubine?

Mister Bubby: It’s like a servant.

SD: Not exactly. What’s a concubine, Princess Zurg?

PZ: Why are you asking us when we already know?

SD: MB doesn’t know. What are concubines?

PZ: They’re just a bunch of women you live with!

SD: Well, kind of. Should Dad have concubines?


MB (simultaneously): Sure!