Dude, when did they raise the first-class postage stamp ONE CENT to 42 cents?  Didn’t they just raise it to 41 cents, like, six months ago?  And why the freak are they still selling 41-cent stamps, as if they were still useful?

Mind you, I am not complaining about the price of stamps.  They’re still totally cheap by global postal standards.  I just don’t like missing the memo.  I especially don’t like it when I get a notice in the mail from my bank asking me to confirm my contact information for an account I haven’t touched in several years within the next thirty days, and I can’t mail my response because I can’t find any stamps and I never remember to buy any when I’m out, and then I finally find some stamps, at which point I decide to just buy some more online because I’ll never remember to buy them when I’m out and about, and that’s how I find out that they’ve gone up ONE CENT.  And no, I don’t have any one-cent stamps left over from the last time they raised the postage stamp one cent–or at least, if I do have any, I don’t know where they are–and I don’t have any more of those “FOREVER” stamps they were selling the last time I had to go out and buy new stamps.  Bah!  I have to go out and buy new stamps.  Which is fine, since I had to go out and find a mailbox anyway.

Can you tell I don’t mail stuff very often?

It’s totally Dullsville around here.  I’m blogging about stamps.  Anybody know some jokes?