Mister Bubby:  Momma, at field day today I got an extra ticket for no reason.

Giraffemom:  How did that happen?

MB:  Just that a fifth-grade girl gave it to me.

GM:  Oh.  That was nice of her.

MB:  But Cameron got three and five.

GM:  From the fifth-grade girls who try to kiss him?

MB:  Yeah.

GM:  Because they think he’s cute?

MB:  Because they love him.

GM:  Hm.

MB:  I’m trying to get a girlfriend.

GM:  Really?  One in the fifth grade?

MB:  Probably.

GM:  Sounds good.

MB:  Only it might not be ’til second grade.

GM:  Yeah, there’s probably not enough time to cultivate that relationship in the last week of school.

MB:  Luckily, there are some good fourth-grade girls, though.

GM:  Yeah.

My sister, who started blogging this year, is approaching her hundredth post and is wondering how to commemorate it.  Just out of curiosity, I looked up my 100th post (almost four years ago!), and it made me think about how much has transpired since I started this blog.  For one thing, I have a whole other kid!  Which means Elvis is no longer my baby.  But it’s fun to remember when he still was.  (Incidentally, that picture I was fretting so much about after the “extreme haircut” turned out to be one of my favorites, ever.  And his hair doesn’t look nearly as short as I remembered it being.)