So I was surfing random crap on the interwebs last night, and I found this article from the Daily Mail about women who won’t have babies because they’re not eco-friendly (HT: Mormon Mommy Wars).  By “they” I mean, the babies, of course–not the women, who are eco-friendly, and that’s why they’re not having babies.  You probably figured that much out by yourself, but it’s Monday, and I thought for those of you who might still be recuperating from the long weekend (in America, not Daily Mail Land), I might make it a tad clearer.  Anyway, it’s kind of an entertaining story–not the sort of thing to take seriously, as it’s the Daily Mail and all the other stories have something to do with gay sex or Tom Cruise’s unsightly back fat (yeah, Google, I’m asking for it now)–but the part I liked the best was when Toni explained how much nicer her and her husband’s life was without children (just in case we were Americans recuperating from the long weekend and couldn’t figure it out ourselves):

“Every year, we also take a nice holiday – we’ve just come back from South Africa.

“We feel we can have one long-haul flight a year, as we are vegan and childless, thereby greatly reducing our carbon footprint and combating over-population.”

I never feel guilty for having four children, but occasionally I feel guilty about not being vegan.  Now Toni has made me feel a little better, though.  You see, even my carbon footprint could be bigger, but I feel a sense of responsibility to the earth–unlike those jerks who take their four kids to South Africa once a year.  Some people are so selfish.

In other news, I also discovered that Nicole Kidman just gave birth.  I didn’t even know she was pregnant.  Or rather, I’d forgotten that she was pregnant.  Now that I hear tidings of the blessed event, I seem to recall that I read once about her pregnancy, in the supermarket checkout or thereabouts.  It was a girl, btw.  Don’t go reading the Daily Mail if you don’t need to.

Guess what I did this weekend.  No, don’t guess, I’ll tell you.

1.  I ate a foot-long hot dog.  Twice.  (Figure that out on your own, hungover Americans.)

2.  I painted my nails red, white and blue.

3.  I cleaned out half of my bedroom closet.  Now I can open the door all the way.  But don’t expect me to post pictures.  Because of #4.

4.  I uploaded 50,000 pictures to my Photobucket account, for the grandparents’ sakes.  I posted a humongous photo-and-video post at our family blog on the Blog Host of Suckitude (again, for the grandparents’ sakes), and it took for-freaking-ever.  While I was at Photobucket, though (all stinking day long), I finally got to see the Yoplait Seamstress commercial that I’ve heard so much about.  I hear about it because I get at least two Google hits a week from people looking for “yoplait lite seamstress.”  Anyway, I finally saw it because Photobucket played it for me every time I uploaded a new album.  So I got to see it, like, forty times.  It’s a reasonably cute commercial, but I’m not sure I understand the depth of its Google-worthiness.  I just thought I’d mention, as an aside to any random passers-by who are desperately searching for the Yoplait Lite Seamstress, you can see her all you like (and more) if you just open a Photobucket account and start uploading pictures like crazy.  At least, on Saturday you could.  Maybe by now they’ve moved on to something else.  ‘Twould be a shame, as that commercial is obviously very popular.  Yoplait should post it on YouTube.  But then I wouldn’t get as much traffic anymore.

Speaking of traffic, I am way more addicted to Facebook than anyone with as few friends as me has any business being.  I started a Scrabulous game with my sister, but then she went to Utah for a week, and now I have no one to play with.  Did I mention that I suck at Scrabble?  I do.  People are afraid to play Scrabble with me because they think, English major, writer, I’m going to kick their bootays–but no, I will not.  It is embarrassingly easy to beat me.  Probably why my sister hasn’t bothered logging in to Facebook to finish the job.  That and the fact she’s on vacation.  Also, I keep changing my X Files quote.  That’s a lot of fun.  My husband made me a Zombie, but my heart just hasn’t been in the brain-eating business, so that application’s pretty much being wasted.  I should get more friends.