Sibling Team-Building

Mister Bubby:  Girlfriend, you’re the best baby.

Girlfriend:  I not best baby.

MB:  You’re the BEST!

G:  I not best!

MB:  You are!


Giraffemom:  Gee, what a humble baby.

Princess Zurg:  Oh, Girlfriend, you’re so humble.  But you have to have self-esteem, too!

I’m raising perverts

Giraffemom:  Mister Bubby, if you slap me on the bum one more time, I’m going to turn around and slug you.

Mister Bubby:  Why?  Daddy does it.

GM:  That’s different.  He’s my husband.  You’re my son.  It’s weird.

MB:  Why is it weird?

Princess Zurg:  Just think of it as naked.  Then you won’t want to touch it.

GM (quickly):  No!  Don’t do that.

PZ (innocently):  What?

GM:  Gah, just change the subject!

X-Files:  I’m a Believer

So Sugar Daddy and I saw the new X-Files movie on Saturday.  We would have gone on Friday, but my sister was in town, and she takes precedence even over the X-Files.  It’s true!  Now you know how deep the sisterly love runs in this family.  Anyway, we had heard it had gotten bad reviews, but we cared not a whit and saw it anyway because we’re like that.  About the X-Files, anyway.  Well, I’ll let my husband speak for himself, but I liked it.  I liked it loads.  It was like a really good episode of the show, only bigger.  It was creepy and weird and touched on all the familiar themes of faith and science and trust and loss and remorse and expiation and humanness and mutant-ness–just no aliens.  Sorry, kids, no aliens!  Just human stuff.  Psycho human stuff.  Sure, there were a couple parts where [sotto voice] it waxed cheesy.  But the X-Files has always been a little bit cheesy.  That’s part of its charm.

However, it probably only works if you’re invested in the characters.  I can’t see walking in there cold and fully appreciating the drama, not knowing everyone’s back story.  Despite the fact it was supposed to be a stand-alone, monster-of-the-week feature, it was, as Sugar Daddy said, strictly for the fanboys.  Well, I’m a fanboy.  I enjoyed it.  I’ll watch it again.  And again!  I’ll buy it on DVD and watch it with the commentary on!  I’ll even watch the deleted scenes, even though they always suck!  Deal with that, haters.

Mulder’s still got it, by the way.  I’d totally do him, even with the beard.  Wait, did I type that out loud?  I meant that I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.  Well, I might if he had the beard, because the cracker crumbs would probably get stuck in there, and that’s just not attractive.  But otherwise, I’d deal.  You know, assuming I was living in fiction-land, where it wouldn’t be wrong and I wouldn’t go to hell.  And he probably wouldn’t be eating crackers in the first place.

P.S. to SD–No, you may not grow a beard.