This morning Mister Bubby put on his favorite sweater and asked, “Don’t I look ravishing?”

I must say, he did.

Last night I had a dream about one of my Facebook friends.  She’s someone I went to high school with but who I haven’t talked to since, well…since I added her as a friend.  Sometimes I tend her Lil Green Patch.  I’m sure she appreciates it.  Anyway, last night I dreamed that we’d set up this play date with her and her little girl, which was weird because in real life she doesn’t have a little girl, she has a dog, and I think it’s a boy dog at that.  Anyway, it was a rather awkward dream, and even now that I’m awake, I feel somewhat disconcerted.  Maybe I’m just sleepy.  Also, I am apparently out of Wheaties.  That always puts me out a little.

I cleaned my refrigerator on Saturday.  (I know, is it that time of the week already?  Hahahaha!  Ahhhh…)  It took about two hours.  Miracle of miracles, it is still clean, nearly 48 hours later, which makes me a little nervous.  What sort of calamity awaits me in exchange for this clean refrigerator?  Maybe I should empty a bottle of barbecue sauce onto one of the shelves, just to be safe.

This evening Sugar Daddy and I are hauling the kids down to the mall to get a family portrait taken.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, as always.  If you’ve got good karma, send it.

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