So last night, after a long day of closet-cleaning and then reading lengthy online discussions about the passage of Prop 8 in California, I went to bed and had this dream:

My husband and I were in a hospital waiting room, waiting to see a new doctor–not a totally weird thing to dream about, since we’re enrolling in a new insurance plan and we’ve been talking about which doctors will be in-network or not–and at one point a doctor walks into the waiting room and announces to the desk staff that he’s all done seeing patients for the day because he’s off to get married.  Not only is he getting married, but he’s getting married at the hospital.  Well, fortunately he’s not our doctor, so he leaves to get married somewhere in the hospital and we keep waiting to be called in for our appointment.  Meanwhile, two more couples show up and announce that they are also getting married in the hospital.  I think this hospital must have a heckuva chapel for all these people to want to get married there, but whatever.

The first wedding apparently goes as planned, but the other two couples run into obstacle after obstacle, and they start to get very irritated.  One of the men starts complaining loudly to the nurse behind the desk–who has nothing to do with any of the wedding stuff and doesn’t know what to tell the guy, except to stop bothering her–but he just keeps going on and on about how he’s been coming to this hospital for years, and you’d think they’d show a little more gratitude, a little more courtesy, as he’s been waiting for all this time.  At one point the guy is so agitated that I go over to him and see if there’s something I can do to help–which is totally unlike me in real life, and in dream-life, once I offer I realize how ridiculous it is because I know even less about hospital weddings than the nurse does.  Anyway, the guy doesn’t want my help and tells me, “Don’t you dare look down on me because I’m short!”  (He was very short.)  So I give up and go back to waiting for my doctor, whoever he/she is.

Well, eventually the short man’s wedding goes through, and at this point one of the nursing staff announces to all of us in the waiting room that the third wedding is about to start, in case we’re interested, and naturally a whole lot of us are, so we go in to watch it.  It turns out that it’s a lesbian couple getting married, which shocks me just because I could have sworn earlier that the one was definitely a man–a big, burly man who is now dressed in the most exquisite gown (very elegant, not at all gaudy) and is apparently actually a woman, getting married to this other woman (who is dressed in a modest skirt-and-sweater combo).  Anyway, after they are pronounced wife and wife, everyone claps for the happy couple, and then the burly lesbian starts talking about how years ago she fell in love with a black man and they wanted to get married, but it was against the law in their state at that time.  She gets very emotional talking about how much it hurt not being able to marry the person she loved, and how even to this day it hurts and in a way she still loves him, and she just breaks down crying.  Suddenly the smaller, sweatered lesbian bursts out, “But Dad, I thought you WANTED this!”  The maid of honor tries to calm her down, but Sweatergirl just says, “Oh, shut up, Mom!” and storms out of the room.  “Now you’ve done it!” Mom snaps to faux-lesbian Dad guy and she walks out, too, while Dad is still blubbering on about his true love.

I turn to the people next to me and say, “Isn’t this the most bizarre thing you have ever witnessed in your life?” but at that point everyone is just shaking their heads and leaving because they can’t believe what a mockery these people have made of the marriage sacrament, and in a hospital, too.  And that’s all I remember, lucky for the rest of you.

Sorry, there’s no point to this at all except that I had to tell someone.

As for what I ate last night before retiring, it’s none of your business and totally irrelevant, so don’t even go there.