Seriously, I’m out of ideas.  This is why I hate making lunch.  My children will eat the following:

  • Cheese sandwiches
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Flipping quesadillas

Doth a pattern emerge before thee?  And I wonder why three of my four children have chronic digestive disorders?  No, I don’t wonder.  Not at all.

When I was young, my mother used to make us rice for lunch.  Yeah, just rice.  Well, rice with butter and salt.  No vegetables, no protein, just rice.  No, not everyday, but a lot.  I have this totally vivid memory of eating my bowl of rice for lunch while watching an episode of Batman.  I don’t remember the storyline of the episode, but it must have involved some Asian criminal mastermind because at the cliff-hanger point, the faceless narrator guy came on and asked if our caped crusaders would escape the evil clutches of so-and-so, etc., and then pointedly instructed us, “Hang on to your rice!”  And I was totally tripped out because how did the dude on Batman know I was eating rice?  Especially since the show was filmed several years before I was born.  But that’s neither here nor there.    My point was that it was a simpler time.  Except for the psychic Batman narrator.  That part was complicated.