1. She loves Thomas the Tank Engine. She has to wear her Thomas the Tank Engine costume every time we go out. Her favorite book to read before bedtime is the Thomas & Friends Catalogue. She knows all the engines by name. She can even tell the difference between Donald and Douglas, the Scottish twins. She hates to wear barrettes or hair bands, but sometimes she will let us put them in her hair if we call them engine names. We got her to wear the color yellow by calling it Molly. Everything blue is Thomas. Everything green is Percy. White is Harold the Helicopter. For some reason orange is definitely not Terrence. I think orange might be Nemo.

2. The only person she loves more than Thomas is her brother Elvis. She thinks Elvis is the sun and the moon and the stars. Fortunately, the feeling is mutual. And so she is indirectly aiding Elvis’s social-communication development, just by being her Elvis-loving self. The cutest thing in the world is to see the two of them singing along with Barney and giving each other a great big hug and a kiss. That is why Barney is okay in my book. No, I’m sorry, kids–if you haven’t seen it, you haven’t seen the cutest thing in the world.

3. She is the only one of my children who lets me play the piano. Moreover, she is the only one in the family who ever asks me to play the piano. True, she has to sit on my lap while I do it, and sometimes she has to play along with me, but the fact remains, she likes it when I play the piano and nobody else does. It’s just one of the peculiar things that endear her to me.

Why only three facts? Because she’s only three years old. Also, it’s late and I have to post this while it’s still her birthday.