Current event

A white woman as Secretary of State?  That’s so retro!

I actually like this appointment.  Despite the fact that Secretary of State is a career-killer, I can’t imagine that Hillary has given up her dream of being POTUS someday.  Which means that she will still be mercenary and politic, which is how I like my Hillary.  Good old Hillary.

Thanksgiving report

It is my pleasure to thank my sister, Bythelbs, for graciously hosting me and my fabulous coterie over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I want to take this opportunity also to apologize for anything we might have broken.  Not that I know of anything we might have broken.  ::shifty eyes::  I know nothing.  I was hopped-up on Robitussin the whole time.  Okay, for the last 12 hours.  Anything broken in the last 12 hours of our stay, I plead ignorance.  Did I mention that her apple pie was delicious?

I got to play Guitar Hero for the first time.  I discovered, much to my opposite-of-surprise, that I suck at Guitar Hero.  Also, that should I ever come in possession of a Wii, I would become even less productive than usual because I would always be playing Guitar Hero instead of doing something productive.  You see what a weekend of Guitar Hero has done to my writing skillz alone?  No wonder I blew off NaNoWriMo.  (Yes, I am blaming my poor performance over the course of an entire month on a couple hours of playing Guitar Hero on Friday.  That is my way.  Some things will never change.)

New Elvis phrases

“Don’t poop in your underpants.”

“Don’t flush your underpants.”

“Don’t cut my eyebrows.”

An overheard

Princess Zurg:  Why do they call it “the Book of Esther” if Esther didn’t write it?

Madhousewife:  Because it’s about Esther.

Sugar Daddy:  Why do they call it “Genesis,” when Phil Collins had nothing to do with it?

Mad:  It was one of Peter Gabriel’s, before he left the band.