After both loripoo and centuscoelis informed me that it was “creepy” to name your all your kids after your home state, a la the Palins (see subsub‘s comment here), I decided that I’m going to change all my kids’ names to stuff having to do with Oregon.  Just to be creepy.

Princess Zurg will be Princess Duck.

Mister Bubby will be Mr. Backwards Liberal.

Elvis will be Whole Lotta Trees.

And Girlfriend will be NoSalesTax (middle name:  SuckItHaters!–yes, with exclamation point; we Oregonians like our creative spellings).

Or I could go with

  • Rain (after the weather)
  • Bike (after the favored mode of transportation)
  • Subaru (after the second-favored mode of transportation)
  • Crater (after Crater Lake–it’s on our quarter, look it up!)
  • Port (after Port of Portland)
  • Eugene (after, well, Eugene)
  • Mari and Juan (twins, after marijuana)
  • Huckle (after the huckleberry)
  • Hood (after the Mt.)
  • Tillie and Mookie (another set of twins, after Tillamook–both the cheese and the forest)

That would require me to have a lot more children, of course, which would indicate that I’m not really serious about being creepy.

You know what it’s time for, right?

It’s time to play “How many creepy names can you make out of your state?”  Begin!