I was listening to a podcast about climate change, and it reminded me:  I don’t care about climate change.  I’m not a climate change naysayer because I don’t know anything about climate change because I just don’t care.

I’ve always been this way.  When did they first start talking about global warming?  Was I still a liberal then?  I don’t remember.  What I remember is that back in my college days they were still talking about the hole in the ozone layer.  I didn’t care about that either.  I know, what a jerk, huh?  Yeah, I was hip to reducing, reusing and recycling, but the whole business with the ozone layer, I just never got into it.  I was a vegetarian, which I figured was ecologically responsible enough to make up for not caring about the ozone layer.  At least I hoped so, because I had all these letters to write for Amnesty International, and there were only so many hours in the day, you know?

And now look at earth and its state of affairs.  When was the last time anybody mentioned anything about the ozone layer?  I never followed ozone layer news, since, as I just told you, I didn’t care, so I don’t know–did we solve the problem with the ozone layer?  As I recall, it had something to do with CFC’s.  What were CFC’s?  Chloro-flouro-carbons?  I thought it had something to do with all the freon in the air conditioners.  They used to say aerosol cans made the hole in the ozone bigger, but then it was the air conditioners.  I remember, I had just given up using hairspray (for humidity reasons, not reasons of conscience), and I was disappointed to learn there was no moral benefit to my sacrifice.  I loved me some air-conditioning, though.  Dangit!

So does anybody out there know?  About the ozone layer, I mean.  Is our ozone layer okay?  Do we need to be worried anymore (again)?  Did we find out the hole is really not a big deal?  Or is it that global climate change is such a bigger deal that it makes all the fuss over the ozone layer just seem silly?

I can tell you one thing.  I am not prepared to care about climate change until I find out the truth about the ozone layer.  There are still only so many hours in the day, and I have a lot of laundry to do.

(I confess, I am kind of hoping that the ozone layer might still matter and that it has something to do with air conditioning, because then I can feel so awesome about not having air conditioning.  Except that I seem to recall the real problem was car air conditioners, and I have a car air conditioner that I use a lot in the summer.  Dangit!)

Here’s another question:  Do any of you care about global climate change?  I’m just curious because I don’t know anyone who talks about global climate change like they care about it.  When I was a big knee-jerk liberal, my big issues were poverty and oppression.  (Actually, those are still my big issues.) Occasionally I worried about all the garbage we were producing.  (Actually, I still worry about that.  It’s awful because my family produces more garbage than any other family on our block.  It’s embarrassing.  Also, I’m afraid that they’ll run out of landfills and they’ll start mistaking my house for one.  But now I’ve gone off topic.)

Do YOU care about global climate change?  If so, would you mind caring just a teensy bit more so I don’t have to?  There are only so many hours in the day, and I seriously have so much laundry to do.

Take my poll!

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