I’m having a lot of difficulty with the blog.  There seems to be nothing left to say.  I think it might be God telling me to focus my time and efforts on more worthwhile and/or edifying pursuits.  Do you think God would try to tell me something like that?

The other day I found myself staring at a lesbian couple in the Target.  The reason I was staring at them was that they were dressed in identical outfits.  They even had the same haircut.  It was like they were lesbian twins.  Not hot lesbian twins like you see on the cover of Newsweek sometimes, but just regular old lesbian twins.  You might wonder how I knew they were really lesbians.  Trust me, there are some subtleties even a suburban Mormon housewife can pick up on.  Especially if we’re talking identical twins in the Target.  You just don’t see a lot of couples dressed in matching outfits when it isn’t Halloween.

Although, now that I think on it, Sugar Daddy and I could dress in matching outfits if we wanted to.  We own identical Serenity shirts and identical Nightwish shirts, but generally we don’t end up wearing them on the same day.  Well, there was a couple weeks ago when we both wore the Serenity shirts on the same day, but that was the day I was driving out of town, so I didn’t think it really mattered.  Also, it’s kind of gay to say, “Dude, I wanted to wear that shirt today.  You need to change.  Now.”  But is it more gay than wearing matching clothes in the Target?  Apparently not.  Your head is totally about to explode now, isn’t it?

Seriously, I got nothing.  Gotta go, God’s talking to me.