I have seriously lost the will to blog.  And I think I know why:

1.  There is nothing interesting going on in my personal life.

2.  In absence of an interesting personal life, all I can think about is politics.  And I can’t blog about politics because I have rules about political blogging–a) it has to be trivial, and b) it has to involve stupid idiots.  Both criteria must be met, and so far I’ve got all “b” and no “a.”  That’s just a recipe for Angry White Lady blogging, and no one wants to see that.

3.  In absence of an interesting personal life and trivial political issues, there’s just nothing left for me to write about.


1.  Writing tends to bring up psychological issues that I’m not prepared to deal with right now.

2.  Politics is boring.

3.  FACEBOOK, dammit!

In lieu of an entertaining item written by me, you can just follow these links to better reading:

1.  This reminded me of my recent ozone-layer post, only it’s way more awesome.

2.  I know President Obama has ushered in a new era of hope, but this is still kind of creepy, isn’t it?  (And by “kind of,” I mean “super.”)

3.  Do you care about hobos?  Hobos figure prominently in this.