I’ve seen a few blogs in the last few weeks where the gimmick is to post what’s in your draft folder, i.e. posts that you started but never finished, and ask your readers which ones they’d like your to finish.  Or something.  The problem with my draft folder is that it’s full of unfinished posts that are, like, half a sentence long, and I can’t remember what I was talking about in the first place–except for two short posts, both dated December 12, 2008.  One of them is about Rod Blagojevich, and it’s actually a complete blog.  I remember exactly why I didn’t publish it, though:  it was Friday.

I’ve noticed that people don’t usually read my blog on Fridays.  In general I don’t pay a lot of attention to my blog stats (other than Wacky Search Terms because those are always entertaining) because I pretty much have the flavor of my blog’s popularity, and it ain’t changing one way or another.  But I have noticed, just from casual observation, that people don’t read it as much on Fridays.  [Note:  This is more true of Xanga than WordPress.]  Which would be irrelevant, except that I get writer’s block, and if I’m in a big writer’s block slump and I’m just forcing myself to post, regardless of what day it is, I get to Friday and think, “Eh, who cares, no one will notice if it’s here or not anyway.”  And so I don’t force myself to do it.  Yeah, that Friday-slacking-off thing has sort of bled into the rest of the week, too, but in the beginning it was just Friday. Well, whatever.  As you can see, I’m getting over it.  I totally posted last Friday, and it was a long one, too.  You probably missed it, since it was Friday, but trust me, it was a doozy.  (Actually, it was only so-so.  I was just trying to make you feel guilty for not paying enough attention to me.  Ha ha.)

So yeah, I wrote this blog about Rod Blagojevich, but it was Friday, and what probably went through my mind is, “This topic is already stale [because my political blogs are always at least two days behind everyone else’s], and no one’s going to read it, and by the time Monday rolls around, Rod Blagojevich will be lining everyone’s metaphysical bird cages.  So, eh , who cares?”  Just like that.  I think I was in an extra-apathetic mood because it was politics, and politics has just been depressing and not at all worth the trouble to me for the last…February, January, December, November…four months.  Yeah, about four months.  ::shrugs::  Go figure.

It’s interesting, though, to look back at a December 12 blog that I didn’t think was worth posting.  Well, it’s interesting to me, but even if it isn’t to you, so what?  It’s Monday, and chances are you’ll read it anyway.

Madhousewife’s old and out-of-date post on Rod Blagojevich


You know, I finally learned how to spell Ahmadinejad without looking it up first, and now I never have occasion to write about Ahmadinejad anymore.  Oh well, these things are cyclical.  I’m sure Ahmadinejad will show up in the news again.  I just hope I haven’t forgotten how to spell it by then.

This may or may not be the last occasion I have to write about outgoing (there’s a euphimism) Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, but right now he seems to be the hot topic in the news, so I thought I’d better practice spelling his name because looking it up all the time is annoying.  (I’m talking to you, Mahmoud!)  Blagojevich.  Blagojevich.  Doesn’t exactly roll off the fingers.  A lot easier to say than type, really.

Here’s my take on the Blagojevich scandal:  it’s juicy, but it isn’t getting any juicier than it already is, i.e. it will never be linked to Barack Obama.  Two things:

1.  Some have expressed skepticism that president-elect Obama would not have had any contact with Gov. Blagojevich on the matter of the senate seat, since, after all, it is Obama’s senate seat that is up for grabs, and doesn’t he have some interest in who will replace him?  My thought is, “What does he care?  He’s President now, baby!”  Seriously, it’s not like Mr. Obama has been overly engaged with his senate career the last year and a half, so why would he suddenly take a renewed interest in it now that he’s won the election?  As long as Blagojevich is appointing another Democrat to take his place, what difference does it make to him?

2.  Barack Obama strikes me as a very shrewd mammal.  Even if “Advisor B” turns out to be an Obama associate [anyone remember Advisor B?  anyone?], well, I think Obama’s proven his ability and willingness to jettison unsavory associates when they are no longer useful to him.  (I would have said “throw them under the bus,” but that made it seem like I disapproved.)  Then there’s the problem of Obama’s image.  To cop Joe Biden’s term, he comes off very “clean” (and articulate, too).  Even people like me, who suspect he’s probably as dirty as the next Chicago politician, don’t really want him to be dirty.  Do you remember how they used to call Ronald Reagan “the Teflon president”?  Barack Obama is going to make Ronald Reagan look like unseasoned cast iron.  Bill Clinton managed to wriggle out of every tough spot he found himself in, but even among his supporters, there was always this sense that the cat was capable of all manner of mischief.  Barack Obama is unburdened by such an image, to say the least.

None of this is to say that a thorough investigation is unwarranted, just that gleeful, anticipatory hand-rubbing on the part of those looking to bring down Barack Obama is unwarranted.  Believe me, right-wingers:  if you couldn’t take down Bill Clinton, you’re not going to take down Barack Obama.  Just get those silly dreams out of your heads now.

There it is.  Short and sweet, and amazingly prescient–even for a post on an already-stale topic.  Don’t tell me I can’t read the political tea leaves, kids.

And now, something trivial to make this post relevant to today…

it’s a poll!