But I have nothing to say.  I’m really super-tired, and I have to get my pirate on for when Sugar Daddy and I see Alestorm tonight.  I’ve been trying all morning, but I still don’t feel piratey.  I blame the new Facebook home page, which now asks what’s on your mind instead of what you’re doing.  In Pirate-speak, it used to be “what arrrrr ye doing?” and now it says, “What be troublin’ ye?”  Well, nothin’ be troublin’ me except that PIRATES DON’T ASK EACH OTHER WHAT’S ON THEIR MINDS!  Facebook has totally emasculated my Inner Pirate.  (And look, I know I’m a girl and deserve to be emasculated, but I’m too tired to phrase it in a more gender-neutral way.)  How am I supposed to get ready for a pirate metal concert now?

Maybe YouTube can help.

See, these cats are so bad@$$ they don’t even have real videos.

If you need further Giraffe-informed entertainment, you should visit my sister‘s site, where she has posted an illustrated dream in which I make a special guest appearance.  Until Monday, gentle readers, adieu.