Mister Bubby:  Mama, did you know that boogers and snot are two different things?

Giraffemom:  Oh?

MB:  Yeah.  Snot is wet.  And it’s viscous.

GM:  Viscous.

MB:  Yeah, viscous.  And it’s a liquid.  Boogers are hard, and it’s a solid.

GM:  Hm.

MB:  Boogers are something you only have to get out, like, everyday.  You have to get snot out, like, every second, when you have the sniffles.

GM:  I see.

MB:  Actually, it’s fun to get snot out.  It’s basically just blowing your nose.

GM:  Yes.  That’s pretty much how it works.

MB:  You have to blow out a lot of snot for it to be a talent.

GM:  A talent?

MB:  Yeah.

I didn’t want to know, and yet I do now.


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