Mister Bubby is in the money

Mister Bubby:  I have enough money to buy a blender.

Sugar Daddy:  Mister Bubby, I think I would be disturbed if you used your money to buy a blender.

MB:  A cheap blender.

Giraffemom:  What on earth would you do with a blender, cheap or otherwise?

MB:  I have no idea.

Someone is a little unclear on the men-and-tools concept.

Mister Bubby is spectator to Princess Zurg’s high-fashion video game

MB:  Mom!  Princess Zurg is taking pictures of people in their underwear!

GM:  Why are you watching her take pictures of people in their underwear?

MB:  I don’t know.

(End of discussion, strangely enough.)

Mister Bubby and Princess Zurg discuss feminism and sports (a little)

Princess Zurg:  It upsets me when someone says girls can’t play basketball.  I mean, okay, maybe the best male basketball players are better than the best female basketball players, but still–there are some female basketball players who are really, really good.

Giraffemom:  That is true.

Mister Bubby:  But girls can’t play football.

PZ:  Well, not many girls want to play football.

MB:  You don’t want to see a bunch of fat women running around the field.

PZ:  But some girls can play football.

MB:  But women don’t play professional football.

PZ:  True.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t play football at all.  It’s like saying boys can’t sew!

MB:  Boys can sew, but you wouldn’t see them in a professional sewing league.

PZ:  True–but lots of men do sew.  Men and women both sew professionally.  People sew our clothes.

MB:  What other animal would sew our clothes?  A zebra?

PZ (laughing):  How about a monkey?

MB:  A chimpanzee could.

PZ:  What else?

MB:  An elephant?

PZ:  He’d just break the needles.

MB:  True.

PZ:  How about a kangaroo?

MB:  A kangaroo definitely couldn’t.  He’d get seriously hurt.

According to MB, kangaroos are particularly susceptible to needle injury (aka “prickling”) because of their superior jumping skillz.  I’m just reporting.