1.  He doesn’t like to watch TV.  He used to, but not anymore.  Now he only likes to watch Wiggles videos on YouTube.  He also likes to visit our house on Google maps.

2.  He spends a lot of his free time drawing.  He draws all the food from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Other favorite subjects include garbage cans, cars and iPods.  He also does letters and numbers.  He’s taught himself to write the days of the week, at least Monday through Friday.  He always writes them in the same order, in the same colors:  Tuesday is yellow, Thursday is pink, Friday is orange, Monday is blue, and Wednesday is green.  I don’t know what he has against the weekend, but he has no interest in writing Saturday and/or Sunday.  Maybe he doesn’t know what colors they are.

3.  His favorite game to play is Duck, Duck, Goose.  Only in this version of Duck, Duck, Goose, as soon as the goose is tagged, everyone in the circle jumps up and runs around the house like a bunch of ninnies.  Elvis hides in the bathroom and expects you to bust in and scare him.  He loves that part.

4.  He is helpful around the house (when he’s not working to destroy it).  He gets the mail from the mail box.  He takes out the garbage.  When he comes home from school on garbage day, he always checks the trash can to make sure the trash has been collected.  Then he moves the trash from the curb back to where it belongs.  He moves the neighbors’ trash cans, too.

5.  He can fry an egg all by himself.  But he likes you to watch him.  Kind of like when he wants you to watch him use the bathroom, only not as disgusting.

6.  He is six years old today.